Use of the MARAC Club call, K9DCJ for the USA-CA CW Endorsement and to do USA-CA for the Third Time

1.The purpose of this endeavor is to work all US Counties CW and to do USA-CA for the third time for the MARAC club call K9DCJ. There is no intent to obtain confirmation for the contacts made. We expect that a number of county hunters will want to work the K9DCJ call but we want to keep paperwork and logging duties to a minimum limit it's use to working new counties

2. The Custodian of the MARAC Club call is WB9NUL. She has consented to the use of the MARAC club call for the purposes of the obtaining a CW endorsement. As custodian her decisions are final on the use of the callsign.

3. WD3P is the manager of this effort and will coordinate the activities. As manager his decisions are final on the use of the callsign, subject to the concurrence of WB9NUL. He will keep WB9NUL informed of who is assigned use of the callsign.

4. The call sign will be assigned to an individual for a period of about two weeks. There is a basic constraint that the call sign be on the air on CW from only one person at any give time. The assignments will rotate among those helping with this endeavor. The main exception to this will be the assignment of the callsign to an individual to work a specific county. All parties will be informed of these assignments. These situations are envisioned to affect only contacts with AK, HI, and the harder to work islands of MA and WA. Specific shorter assignment may also be made to work certain state QSO parties. We are not entering contests. Only new counties should be worked in these contests.

5. WD3P with the concurrence of WB9NUL will select those who will use the callsign. The user must be an active paid member of MARAC and licensed to operate on the necessary frequencies. First priority for use of the call will be from interested active CW operators who have worked a significant number of counties CW.

6. As this is a CW endeavor the callsign will only be used for CW contacts by the CW operator. K9DCJ could be in use at the same time on SSB by a SSB operator.

7. The call sign will be used primarily for fixed operations. It can be used either mobile or portable to work new counties. In that case it should be signed as K9DCJ/M or K9DCJ/P. It is not to be used to run counties. In all cases the county from which the QSO is made should be logged.

8. WB9NUL will handle all QSL/MRC and award requirements. The log will include a list of those stations requesting a QSL. WB9NUL will handle the cards when she receives the log(s) from WD3P.

9. WD3P will provide WB9NUL a paper log of all contacts on a monthly basis.

10. Individual operators will provide WD3P a copy of the log of all contacts within two weeks of their use of the call. These logs can be either paper or by e-mail. Electronic flat files are preferred.

11. The log will consist of:

12. WD3P will maintain a web site with the list of counties still needed to complete the effort. The location of the web site is:

13. For those without Internet access WD3P will provide them a list of the needed counties when they have use of the K9DCJ call.

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